Have you started investing in the Stock Market?

New Survey: Have you started investing in the Stock Market? If Yes, who is your Stock Broker? Philippine Stock Brokers -COL Financial -BPI Securities -First Metro Securities -Others If No, what is hindering you from starting to Invest in the Stock Market? Sample Reasons -No Capital -I do not know anything about the Stock Market […]

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Citiseconline is down

I have been recommending citiseconline.com since I started using it as my online stockbroker more than a year ago but today citiseconline.com is down, when you try to login it will say your “Account is suspended”. They launched their new site colfinancial.com which is still in beta but the site also has many problems. A […]

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COL Financial Group, Inc.

I use CitisecOnline.com as my online stockbroker (Read 5 reasons why I use CitisecOnline), the corporate name used before was CitisecOnline.com, Inc. and they will now be called COL Financial Group Inc. effective March 21, 2012. Stock Symbol or Stock Code in the Philippine Stock Market will still be COL. Why the change in corporate […]

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5 reasons why I use CitisecOnline

There are many Stockbrokers in the Philippines, some are offline and some are online Stockbrokers. I personally use CitisecOnline. Why I chose CitisecOnline? 1. They offer Free Seminars on Stock Market Investing 2. All Transactions are Online (Except opening an account, which I will discuss in another post) 3. Small Amount in Opening an Account, […]

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