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Cash Dividend

Another way to make money in the stock market is through Cash Dividends. Profitable companies usually give Cash Dividends to their stockholders once or sometimes twice a year. I recently got my Cash Dividend from Metrobank (Stock Code MBT), they gave P1/share to all of their stockholders.

I will not disclose how many Metrobank shares I have but for example you have 1,000,000 shares, you will earn P1 Million minus Withholding Tax, which will automatically be deducted. And the good thing with CitisecOnline is they will just credit your earned dividends in your COL Account so you can buy more shares of other companies or have the option to withdraw your credits.

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3 Responses to “Cash Dividend”

  1. gelogelo says:

    how can i purchase stock share in metrobank. is there a minimum and maximum number of share to purchase?

    • gmtan says:

      You need a stock broker to buy shares of metrobank. Minimum no. of shares is just 10 for MBT, maximum is as long as there is a seller on your chosen no. of shares.

  2. MC says:

    You don’t need a stock broker to buy shares of Metrobank. Just open an account at this site… From there you can see guidelines on how to open an account and how to buy stocks. Start investing 🙂


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