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Ex-Date or Ex-Dividend Date

On 12.12.12, I received my Cash Dividends (P1/share) from my FPH stocks which I already sold last November 23, 2012 (Although I bought back FPH shares yesterday on a lower price than I sold it). You maybe wondering why I still got my Cash Dividends even though I already sold the stock a few weeks ago.

Let us look at 4 important dividend dates:
1. Declaration Date
2. Ex-Date or Ex-Dividend Date
3. Record Date or Date of Record
4. Payable Date or Date of Payment

Let us look at the FPH recent declaration of dividends
1. Declaration Date – 11/08/12
A cash dividend of P1/share was declared by the Board of Directors of First Philippine Holdings Corp.

2. Ex-Date or Ex-Dividend Date – 11/19/12
On 11/19/12 or after this date, if you Buy shares of FPH, you will receive no dividends.

3. Record Date or Date of Record – 11/22/12
Three days after the Ex-Date, FPH will look at their records to see who are the current shareholders who will receive the dividends.

4. Payable Date or Date of Payment – 12/12/12
The date that you will receive the dividends, sometimes this can be on or before the payable date.

Since I still owned the FPH shares before 11/19/12 or the Ex-Date, I was entitled to receive the dividends even if I sold it on 11/23/12. That is why I earned twice from my FPH shares, 1 through Cash Dividends and 1 through Stock Appreciation since I accumulated my FPH shares at around P60/share and sold it at P92/share.

Note: FPH has been giving cash dividends of P1/share twice a year for the past 3 years. If you have 10,000 shares and you hold on to it, you will receive dividends of P20,000/year (minus commission and taxes).

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  1. pmon says:

    Hi Sir,

    So after ex date or during ex date I can sell my stocks so that I can lessen my loss?

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