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How to Turn your Passion into Profit Book Giveaway


Win a copy of How to Turn your Passion into Profit: 8 Keys to Build a Truly Rich Business by Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid

Promo Period: March 6 to 22, 2013, 12mn

How to Turn your Passion into Profit Book

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1. This promo is for Philippine residents only.
2. Only entries that fulfill the above-mentioned requirements will be included as valid entries.
3. Winners must present 1 valid IDs with photo upon claiming of prizes.
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27 Responses to “How to Turn your Passion into Profit Book Giveaway”

  1. Reynaldo R. Erosa says:

    My passion is to become a good architect and be a great service to my country and family.

  2. Beth says:

    I need to have this book. 🙂 It will give me a clearer vision of what I really love doing, and then use it for added source of income. Add to that it’s from two successful and highly respected authorities of this niche. Definitely a must have!

  3. Roxy Beltran says:

    My passion is performing and writing. I deserve to win the book because I want to discover and find out how to earn money while enjoying my passion.

  4. Mark Clint Lura says:

    My Passion is Financial Planning. I deserve this book I want to be blessed in order to be a blessing to others.

  5. Fritz Mauring says:

    My passion is web animation. I need this book to serve as my guide and reference on how to become successful and rich.

  6. Carol Enriquez says:

    I am a perfectionist, i can tell.
    I really want to put things in place, I have passion for work
    and passion for using my money rightly.

  7. christine batiller says:

    my passion is music.

  8. Vaughn8107 says:

    My passion is building a business of my own. I am inclined in graphic design and web programming. I am sure that this book will help me start my own shirt design company. There may be a lot of competition, but I will never give up my passion. I honestly think that I deserve this book. 🙂

  9. russell says:

    my passion is in sport.I deserve the book because I want to be inspire and it will be a motivational factor to me as I get knowledge on the said book.

  10. mary reana says:

    My passion is in selling but afraid to do so. I think I deserved to win this book because it can help me boost my motivation to face challenges and try to start business to earn extra money for a living especially now that I have 4 children to look up too. tnx.

  11. Jaziel Oliveros says:

    My passion is financial planning. I urging everyone to become financially independent for the people who depends on you.

    I deserve to win the book for me to utilize my potential in everything about money.

  12. My passion is playing badminton. I need to have this book for me to have a positive outlook in life and to lay plans for financial freedom.

  13. Diosa L Navos says:

    My passion is writing. I love to write since I was young but was never given a chance to pursue it. I write whatever comes to mind and on any piece of paper. I used to write poems and long letters for my dad abroad but was rebuked, because my letter should be straightforward and that the poems are unnecessary. I stopped writing then because of lack of appreciation. I still find writing though my main outlet for my energy. Writing has never let me down especially when I am bored. Whenever I feel sad, i write. Whenever I need to let off some steam of frustration, desperation or anger… i write. I have not yet my own blog, nor have shared my writings with anyone. How could I? Most of my writings are on pages of a notebook in college that look shabby. I preferred it that way so that no one would dare lift the pages of tat notebook and read what I wrote.

  14. Ann says:

    My passion is really dogs and traveling. I want to win this book because I’m planning to start a business relating to dogs and I honestly don’t know where or how to start. Having a profitable business of my own will give me a chance to fulfill my other passion which is to travel the world. 🙂

  15. My passion is arts, crafts, and designing. I deserve to win this book because I want to discover the ways on how to start earning money while enjoying my passion. I don’t where to start yet and this book will be a great help. I also want to earn money so that I can help people and be a blessing. 🙂

  16. My passion is sports and travelling. I want to win this book because I want to be rich and be happy.

  17. RBB says:

    My passion is to enable someone’s dream/s and with this book and determination nothing is impossible.

  18. Josef Boyle Cagas says:

    My passion is computers. Whether software or hardware, I love tinkering on them. I’d like to win this book so that I can learn how to profit from doing something I love.

  19. Elaine Chua says:

    My passion is creating handcrafted materials. I deserve to win this book because I want to know how to transform my passion into profit and this book can help me how to achieve it.

  20. Ruben Manlutac, Jr. says:

    My passion is on selling and trading. I am also inclined with franchising. I am determined to reaching my goals in life which is to earn, save and give, be a blessing to others, especially by family, my parents and our church. I really need this book to help me inspire more, be motivated and especially it is a book from my mentors Bro Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid. May God continue you to have the inspiration to write more books and help inspire more people achieving their dreams.

  21. Rolly Pega Nunez says:

    My passion is to work for my success and this book is the first key top my vision.

  22. Maria Cecilia Umali says:

    My passion is to be financially secured so that I can retire comfortably. I deserve to win this book because I love investing and saving for rainy days.I love articles about financial education anything related to it.

  23. Aileen Carpio says:

    I have the passion to teach and mold the future leaders of the world. I enjoy what I’m doing but I’m also interested in making profit out of my so many business ideas that is why I want to have a free copy of the book. It will be a great help to me. 🙂

  24. Sarah Angela Malory A. Peralta says:

    There are two things I consider as my passion in life — singing and writing. I’m still deciding on which one should I really concentrate more or if given a chance, I want to use both of these talents of mine as a profession. I deserve to win this book because I think I am in the stage of my life wherein I am little bit confused of what I want to do professionally. I believe this book is the perfect book for young adults like me to help us get back to our track. Hoping to win this book because I really need an insight about “passion” (more than what the word means) and how I’ll be able succeed by and through it.

  25. Janine Diz says:

    My passion is to study the fluctuations happening in the market. I wish I’ll win this book!

  26. jared says:

    My passion is to glorify God and I can best glorify him by equipping myself with knowledge I can get from the book! Actually, it’s not only my passion it’s my life’s purpose!!


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