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Analyze your Stocks in a Visual Way


Looking at Stock Market data may be too daunting for most people. What if there is a way to view Stocks in a less intimidating, more organized and visual way?

From Visible Market comes Stocktouch, an Apple iPhone / Apple iPad application that makes reading of both up-to-date and historical Stock Market data easier.


You can view the Stock data by Industry (Ex. Consumer, Energy, Technology, etc.) then narrow down to the specific Stock and view its data either today, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, or more. It also comes with updated Stock news. Moreover, you can search for a specific stock using the Search function. Controls are very easy to use, as shown in this video:

You can add your favorite stocks so that you can quickly go back to your chosen stocks. The app allows viewing of millions of Stock data from different companies and industries, but despite this enormous data, navigating and browsing in the app is very fast. I especially like the way they presented the heat maps that show which industries and stocks are up or down at any given time.

This app is really helpful, not only for those new in Investing in the Stock Market, but also for Investors and Financial Pros.

Stock data shows 900 stocks in the U.S. market, as well as the top 900 global stocks only and there is no feature to buy and sell stocks.

It would be great if data from the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is included in this app as well as a feature where you can buy and sell stocks using your Mobile Phone or Tablet. And, of course, this app should also have an Android version.

 About Stocktouch
StockTouch will change the way we understand stocks and companies. Its groundbreaking interface brings the power of data visualization and financial information together. Seamlessly watch the market as it unfolds and quickly dive into data to uncover insights and trends on companies and sectors. Touch anywhere, zoom in and out, monitor price and volume, and study historical information. Fast loading data, elegant design, radiant colors and fluid navigation. Immersive and sublimely intelligent.

Latest Version: 1.4
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Price: $4.99
More info:

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2 Responses to “Analyze your Stocks in a Visual Way”

  1. dudong says:

    please update your blog more frequently to help others. this blog is very informative. it would be greatly appreciated if you’ll update this more frequently. thanks

    p.s. what i really like is the “recommended stocks list” from different reliable groups (i.e. bo sanchez, COL, citigroup, etc.) that you are posting.

  2. Laverne Graham says:

    Hi there. So I did this and yeah, it works. Just a question. When I save images in my ipod some of them look very blurry. Why is that? Is there any way to fix it and save the pictures in good quality? Thanks.


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