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10 Recommended Stocks in 2013 from COL Financial

This list is from the COLing the Shots Model Portfolio from (former

2013 Stock Picks
1. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)
Stock Code MBT
MBT Target Price: P130
MBT Current Price: P106.9* (BUY)
MBT Buy Below Price: P113

2. Metro Pacific Investments Corp
Stock Code MPI
MPI Target Price: P5.50
MPI Current Price: P5.23* (HOLD)
MPI Buy Below Price: P4.78

3. EEI Corporation
Stock Code EEI
EEI Target Price: P12
EEI Current Price: P11.24* (HOLD)
EEI Buy Below Price: P10.44

4. Puregold Price Club, Inc
Stock Code PGOLD
PGOLD Target Price: P39.5
PGOLD Current Price: P35.05* (HOLD)
PGOLD Buy Below Price: P34.35

5. SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
Stock Code SMPH
SMPH Target Price: P21
SMPH Current Price: P17.54* (BUY)
SMPH Buy Below Price: P18.26

6. BDO Unibank, Inc.
Stock Code BDO
BDO Target Price: P95
BDO Current Price: P77* (BUY)
BDO Buy Below Price: P82.6

7. Alliance Global Group, Inc.
Stock Code AGI
AGI Target Price: P20.57
AGI Current Price: P19.02* (HOLD)
AGI Buy Below Price: P17.82

8. Megaworld Corporation
Stock Code MEG
MEG Target Price: P3.65
MEG Current Price: P3.46* (HOLD)
MEG Buy Below Price: P3.15

9. Manila Electric Company (Meralco)
Stock Code MER
MER Target Price: P327
MER Current Price: P299.8* (HOLD)
MER Buy Below Price: P284

10. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)
Stock Code TEL
TEL Target Price: P3330
TEL Current Price: P2824* (BUY)
TEL Buy Below Price: P2896

Note: *Current Price as of 12nn, January 30, 2013

I have 4 out of the 10 recommended stocks from the list above: BDO, MPI, MBT and PGOLD. I had MEG and SMPH before but sold it already. Looking at the Buy Below Price from the Stock Picks above, only TEL, BDO, SMPH and MBT has a BUY rating.

As I have been saying many times, Target Prices are just estimates and are not guaranteed. And more importantly, you must do your own research about these companies.

Happy Investing!

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