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Bo Sanchez Recommended Stocks in 2012 Recap


Let us look at the recommended stocks by Bo Sanchez at the start of 2012 and see how much earnings/loss of each stock at the start of 2013.

Truly Rich Club Stock Recommendations in January 2012
Price on January 2012 (January 2013)
ALI = P17.36/share (P27.75/share*)
AP = P30/share (P37.90/share*)
CEB = P68.8/share (P62.90/share*)
FPH = P62.3/share (P99.1/share*)
EDC = P6.11/share (P6.98/share*)
MBT = P76.5/share (P106/share*)
*Current Price as of end of trading day on January 25, 2013

As we can see above, only 1 out of the 6 recommended stocks had a loss in value (CEB or Cebu Pacific), 3 out of the 6 had a great increase in share prices in 1 year (ALI, FPH and MBT).

Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks History in 2012
January 2012 – ALI, AP, CEB, FPH, EDC, MBT
February 2012 – Added BPI, JGS, NIKL, SMPH / Sell ALI
March 2012 – Added MEG, Sell NIKL
August 2012 – Sell EDC (loss) / Sell CEB (loss)
October 2012 – Added AC
November 2012 – Sell BPI
December 2012 – Sell SMPH / Sell AC / Added MPI

Bo Sanchez Recommended Stocks at the end of 2012: AP, FPH, MBT, JGS, MEG, BPI, MPI

Most of the added stocks in the TRC SAM Stocks List have greatly increased their share prices like BPI, JGS, SMPH, MEG, AC and MPI. The only red or loss was two stocks: EDC and CEB, the growth of these two stocks was very slow that is why Bo recommended to sell at a loss and re-invest in other SAM stocks to recover the losses incurred.

Personally, I follow the recommendations of Bo Sanchez but sometimes I also buy other stocks based on my own research and gut feel like BDO, which has appreciated a lot since buying it early 2012.

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