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On April 20, 2012, two companies are going public: East West Banking Corp. and GT Capital Holdings, Inc.. GT Capital IPO will be at P455 per share and East West Bank IPO will be at P18.50 per share around P23.50 per share (Pricing will be finalized by April 18). One of the first things I look at a company is the history of their owners/founders.

About GT Capital Holdings
Owner: George S.K. Ty
-Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co
-Federal Land
-Global Business Power
-Toyota Motor Philippine
-Phil AXA Life Insurance Corp.
Read more about George Ty at

About East West Banking Corp
Parent Company: Filinvest Development Corp
Chairman: Andrew Gotianun Sr.
Read more about Andrew Gotianun Sr. at

Are you going to invest in these IPOs?

Definition: IPO or Initial Public Offering
The first sale of stock by a company to the public. The most common reason for a company to initiate an IPO is in order to raise more capital. One of the most difficult parts of an IPO is to determine the proper price to initially offer the new stock; too high and investors won’t be interested, but too low and the company is sacrificing the amount of money that might have been made if they priced it higher. There is generally a significant amount of risk in an IPO, because the company going public is frequently small or relatively unknown, and hasn’t had a chance to prove itself to the public; as such, they also have the capacity for significant payoffs.

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  1. […] I have not tried buying IPO stocks, it is very risky even if the company is very good. Recently GT Capital Holdings Corp or GTCAP went public and IPO price was set at P455 per share. But as of today April 25, 12nn, current price of GTCAP is P510 per share. Earnings of P55 per share is a lot in just a few days of trading. Read more about GT Capital and East West Bank IPO […]

  2. […] 2012 | 0 Comments Last April 20, 2 companies had their Initial Public Offering (IPO), GTCAP or GT Capital Holdings and EW or East West Banking Corporation. GTCAP started just […]

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