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Sell CEB

I have a couple of CEB (Cebu Pacific) shares which I bought for 70++/share last year, I bought CEB since it was one of the stocks recommended in the Truly Rich Club and at that time there was still no stiff competition since PAL was having problems then and target price was very high at 100++/share and I also mostly use Cebu Pacific when flying in and out of Manila.

Even the news that CEB will be replaced in PSE index and an advise by Bo Sanchez to sell at a loss, I still did not sell but decided to wait for the long term.

But now that COL Financial has lowered the target price of CEB to just 68.50, I am selling all my CEB shares and just reinvest in other stocks. This is the first time that I incurred a big loss in selling a stock but I am confident that I am able to recover it soon!

Lessons Learned: I had a gut feel not to Buy CEB but still bought it, I have to listen more to my gut feel (and of course to my own research).

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2 Responses to “Sell CEB”

  1. Techfilipino says:

    I agree, I thought I was at a bargain with CEB but they seem to be going down pretty fast. And with PAL reengaging the local market, I wonder what’ll happen to the price.

  2. Bong says:

    better follow technically the stock charts including the economic noise that may affect the stock price.


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