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Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks

Stock Code: AP
Current Price: 34.45
Buy Below Price: 32.23
Target Price: 37.06

Stock Code: BPI
Current Price: 74.4
Buy Below Price: 69.57
Target Price: 80

Stock Code: CEB
Current Price: 68.85
Buy Below Price: 94.96
Target Price: 109.20

Stock Code: EDC
Current Price: 6.02
Buy Below Price: 7.33
Target Price: 8.43

Stock Code: FPH
Current Price: 75.55
Buy Below Price: 94.09
Target Price: 108.20

Stock Code: JGS
Current Price: 34.8
Buy Below Price: 34.78
Target Price: 40

Stock Code: MBT
Current Price: 94
Buy Below Price: 93.91
Target Price: 115.92

Stock Code: MEG
Current Price: 2.15
Buy Below Price: 2.58
Target Price: 2.97

Stock Code: SMPH
Current Price: 13.02
Buy Below Price: 13.91
Target Price: 16

Note: Current Price as of Market Closing on June 28, 2012

If Current Price is already greater than the Buy Below Price, this means do not buy that stock anymore.
If Current Price is less that the Buy Below Price, keep on buying that stock.

Which of the following stocks do you own?

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19 Responses to “Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks”

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Lee Ian Magpantay says:

    nice update.. thanks 😀

  3. anna says:

    thanks for the infor. im reading brothers bo’s book. and i come across SAM:) im so eager to know more of it. as such can you pls help me what does”buy below price ” means? cuz im not sure if my understnding is correct that i will buy the particular stock not exceeding the buy below price?it should be lower?

    thanks much

  4. Joshua Mark says:

    This is really helpful. Thanks for this!

  5. carla says:

    Hi, a follow-up on Anna’s question. My question is on “selling”. SAM teaches us to invest for the next 20 yrs. Do you sell at any point (do you sell when a stock hits Target price)? or do you continue to buy for the next 20 years regardless of the price?

    • admin says:

      Carla, you can sell at the target price or near target price (since target price is just an estimate which can go a little higher or a little lower) then buy a different stock (on buy below price) with the money that you earned! Thanks

  6. carla says:

    Thanks po for your reply. When will you post the SAM list for July? (excited hehe). Salamat po.

  7. Bullrunner says:

    What if the price did not reach its Target Price after 3-5yrs assuming. Will I still hold?

    • gmtan says:

      Target Price is usually set for 6 months to 1 year only and analyst can change Target Prices depending on many factors and may go up and down.

      As long as what you buy are stocks of big and reputable companies it does not matter if you sell at target price or in 3-5 years because it will go up long term.

  8. jeff says:

    is it wise to buy stock today at High times?

  9. Mike says:

    Hi, I’m a Truly Rich Club Subscriber.

    To the owner of this site, I honestly feel cheated that you’re posting this for free. I feel that it’s okay to share information to encourage others to join… but posting each and every update for free? I honestly feel that something is wrong with that… Essentially, I think this is piracy. And you’re not cheating a huge corporation, you’re cheating the ministry of Bo Sanchez…

    Just sharing my thoughts…
    P.S. You can’t put “All Rights Reserved” since these posts and recommendations aren’t yours anyway.

    • gmtan says:

      Mike, thank you for your comment.

      I am so sorry that you feel cheated for me posting this, but if you knew the statistics of how many have signed up in the Truly Rich Club using this site, you will be shocked:) and I know Bo would not mind because I have spread the good news about the TRC to so many people using this site.

      Because as I have been saying, the Truly Rich Club is not just about Stock Trading but so much more that is why people still sign up even though they already see a very small part (SAM Stocks) of the Truly Rich Club here.

      And I do not get your comment “posting each and every update for free”. If you check my posts, I only see a couple of posts related to Truly Rich Club and this was actually the last post about TRC which was posted way back in June.


      God bless

      • IanMartija says:

        tama ka sir gmtan 🙂 . Actually nga dapat din ibahagi every month kung ano advice ni sir Bo sa stocks. May mga blogs nga ako nkikita every month may update eh and they just want to help other people their fellow pinoys. Once na umasenso kasi lahat aasenso din ang bansa and yan din ang gusto ni sir Bo panigurado. Alam ko ang pinambayad para dun ay itinutulong lang nya sa kapwa pinoy din nya by means of charitable works . Isa pa a one copy of stocks can be distributed among 100 people or even 1000 people without sir Bo knowing it kasi wla nman solely property sa info eh once nabili mo na, pwede mo sabihin sa madlang people ehe, nakatulong kana, may kaibigan kapa, in the long run sila din tutulong syo in many ways ^^,

        Sir gmtan, kung maari mo ma share every month, mgnda you will help a lot of people, pero nsa syo din nman, pero I don’t see the point kung itatago, pero whatever you choose, I respect 🙂

        Tulungan lang dpat mga kapwa pinoys wag po tayo gagaya sa ibang tao sa gobyerno na mahilig mag sikreto 😀

  10. IanMartija says:

    Dun po sa nag sabi na they feel cheated, cheated napo tayo since na us ang corruption 🙂 pero nanatili tayo matatag dhil sa pag supporta ng bawat pinoy. Hopefully you get what I mean. And take note wala po sinabe si sir Bo na bawal ipag kalat dahil pinka gusto nya tlga is tumulong


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