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What Goes Up Must Come Down

The Philippine Stock Market has been on an all-time high these past few days, I recently sold some of my shares of AC, FPH, MEG and SMPH. I usually sell only if my stock has earned more than 15%, but it is actually recommended that at least you have earned around 20-25% profit before selling.

Now I am waiting for the stocks to go down before buying again, maybe if the stock that I sold becomes lower than the price I sold it for, then I will buy that stock again, if not then I will just buy another stock. Example, I sold my SMPH stocks for P16.88/share (Target Price is P17/share), if it goes down to maybe less than P16/share again, I might accumulate SMPH shares again.

This is just my personal strategy, invest in the not so long term, most of my stocks I just sold a few days ago I bought a couple of months back except for FPH which I have been buying since last year, which gave me big earnings when I sold it. No matter what your strategy in buying stocks or in profit taking, just keep on reinvesting your earnings.

If you are a Truly Rich Club member then you have received Bo Sanchez important advice: “If SMPH goes up AFTER you sell, don’t think about it. You’ve earned already. Move on.”

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5 Responses to “What Goes Up Must Come Down”

  1. lhianne says:

    Thanks for the tips. I like your strategy ^__^

  2. Stock Prices says:

    Thanks for sharing information about stock markets in Philippine. It is always important to fix a stop point in stock market to prevent loss in stock market.

  3. Kristoffer says:

    in selling stocks should I sell it all or leave some?


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