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Earning even if Stocks are down

Stock prices have been going down the past few weeks but I still earned from money from my Stocks. How is this possible? SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) and First Philippine Holdings (FPH) had their payment date for their Cash Dividends last June 11, 2013, SMPH gave P0.27/share and FPH gave P2/share. Since I am using […]

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Cash Dividends

Did you already earn Cash Dividends from your Stocks? Not all stocks give cash dividends, some give once a year, some twice a year. Recently, MPI or Metro Pacific Investments gave a Cash Dividend of P0.02/share. This means that if you have 1 million shares of MPI, you earned P20,000 minus 10% Withholding Tax, which […]

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Ex-Date or Ex-Dividend Date

On 12.12.12, I received my Cash Dividends (P1/share) from my FPH stocks which I already sold last November 23, 2012 (Although I bought back FPH shares yesterday on a lower price than I sold it). You maybe wondering why I still got my Cash Dividends even though I already sold the stock a few weeks […]

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Stock Code FPH

First Philippine Holdings Corp or FPH recently gave a Cash Dividend of P1/share, this means if you have 10,000 shares of FPH before May 15, 2012 (Ex-date), you will be P10,000 pesos richer. (or P9000 since withholding tax on dividends is 10%). It usually gives Cash Dividends twice a year since 2006 (Except in 2008 […]

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