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Ex-Date or Ex-Dividend Date

On 12.12.12, I received my Cash Dividends (P1/share) from my FPH stocks which I already sold last November 23, 2012 (Although I bought back FPH shares yesterday on a lower price than I sold it). You maybe wondering why I still got my Cash Dividends even though I already sold the stock a few weeks […]

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

The Philippine Stock Market has been on an all-time high these past few days, I recently sold some of my shares of AC, FPH, MEG and SMPH. I usually sell only if my stock has earned more than 15%, but it is actually recommended that at least you have earned around 20-25% profit before selling. […]

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Updated Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks

Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks with Dividend History Ayala Corporation Stock Code: AC Dividends: Cash P2 (6/2012), Cash P2 (12/2011), Stock 20% (6/2011), Cash P2 (6/2011), Cash P2 (1/2011) Aboitiz Power Corporation Stock Code: AP Dividends: Cash P1.32 (3/2012), Cash P1.32 (3/2011) Bank of the Philippine Islands Stock Code: BPI Dividends: Cash P0.90 (reg) (4/2012), […]

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Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks

Stock Code: AP Current Price: 34.45 Buy Below Price: 32.23 Target Price: 37.06 Stock Code: BPI Current Price: 74.4 Buy Below Price: 69.57 Target Price: 80 Stock Code: CEB Current Price: 68.85 Buy Below Price: 94.96 Target Price: 109.20 Stock Code: EDC Current Price: 6.02 Buy Below Price: 7.33 Target Price: 8.43 Stock Code: FPH […]

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9 Recommended Stocks from TrulyRichClub

Stock Recommendations from Bo Sanchez’ TrulyRichClub 1. Stock Code: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) Target Price: P80 Current Price: P72 2. Stock Code: AP (Aboitiz Power) Target Price: P33.59 Current Price: P33.15 3. Stock Code: MBT (Metrobank) Target Price: P108 Current Price: P84.45 4. Stock Code: EDC (Energy Development Company) Target Price: P8.58 Current […]

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6 Recommended Stocks by Bo Sanchez

As of October 12, 2011, here are the recommended stocks by Bo Sanchez: ALI, AP, EDC, FPH, MBT and CEB. I get my recommendations from many sources but mostly from Brother Bo because his financial adviser, Edward Lee is the chairman of CitisecOnline. I currently own some shares of ALI and FPH and will invest […]

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